Wings can be made of silk or tissue lame (pronounced la-may).  I don't put the pleats in them like on Isis wings, but I don't think
they need them.  If you don't see what you want, please
contact me.  I will be happy to create wings in the design and colors you
request.  Each set of silk wings is created individually, and each will be unique.  Also, please check out the veils gallery for
additional examples of patterns and colors.
Silk Wings & Half Circles
Two matched silk 1/2 circle veils, 54" wide 8mm
weight, finished to accept a dowel with your choice
of neck piece or clips in your choice of colors
(pattern pictured or solid)
Purple, Green, Blue
flower pattern
1/2 circle veil, 8mm
3 yrds long, 54" w
Price:  $150
Lame Wings & Half Circles
Tissue Lame Wings
Two 54" wide half-circle veils finished to
accept dowels with neck piece and clips
in your choice of colors
(These veils are pieced to get the
54"radius needed)
Tissue Lame
1/2-circle veils*
These are 45" radius
veils made to order from
tissue lame.  Colors
currently available are
emerald, red, fuschia,
turquoise, gold, silver,
royal blue.  What color
do you need?  Need
two?  Contact me.
Price:  $100
Price:  $30 each
The Wings & 1/2 Circles
*Please note:

The above tissue lame veils are made according to the
width of the fabric available, by order.  I do not have any
pre-made veils on hand.  If you need a 1/2 circle veil
wider than the above description they will be pieced and
cannot be rush shipped.  I need time to make them.

Also, colors are available subject to local store
availability.  If they don't have the color you're asking for I
will need time and extra money to have it shipped to me
to make your veil.