The Veils
These veils are available for immediate purchase.  If you don't see what you want, contact me.  I will be happy to create a veil special
to your needs.  As each veil is created individually, each will be unique.  Also, please check out the gallery for additional examples.
All of the current veils are made from 5mm weight Habotai silk.  They are 45" wide and rectangular.  
If you are looking for a half-circle veil, please
contact me.
If you are looking for half-circle veils, you've come to the right place.  I have begun production on silk hemmed, half-circle
veils.  They can be 54 inch wide, 3 yard veils or 45 inch wide 2 1/2 yard veils.  I can also make either size into wings, a skirt,
a cape, or even a table cover!  You pick the color and pattern and I'll match your vision.

See below for notes on what I have currently for sale and check the galleries for pattern and color ideas.
Also listed below are wings, veil fans and children's veils.  Please click on the links provided for
more info on the wings and fan veils.
3 1/2 Yard Veils
3 Yard Veils
Fall Multi (yellow is blacklight sensitive)
3 yds, 5mm
Wings & Half Circles
Need to fly?  I can help.  With two styles to choose
from and a multitude of colors, I can make you exactly
what you need.  Click on the pics to check out my
wings & 1/2-circle veils page for more details.
Veil Fans
Click on the pic to check out my veil fans page
for info on these gorgeous silk veil fans and
how you can get a set!
Children's Veils
The veil pictured was a gift to my niece but it was so
successful that I'm adding children's veils to my line.  
These can be done in any color or pattern the adult
veils are done in.

2 yrds long, 36 inches wide, $30.00 per veil
These can also be used for veil poi!
solid color
3 yds, 5mm
Yellow, Emerald, Jade Stripe
3 yds, 5mm

the Jade is more blue than green
Teal and Black
cloud pattern
3 1/2 yds, 5mm

Listed on, click the pic!
Bright Yellow
true solid, no white or light spots
3 yds, 5mm
Current pricing on veils is as

3 to 4 yard 45" wide veils = $45.00
1/2-circle silk veils = $50.00

Veils made on request unless
otherwise listed.  Please check out
my etsy shop by clicking on the pic
to the left (Teal and Black).