The Shirts
These shirts are available for immediate purchase.  If you don't see what you want, please contact me.  I will be happy to create
a shirt in the design and colors you request.  As each shirt is created individually, each will be unique.
Also, please check out the gallery for additional examples.
Fuchsia & Brown
50% cotton/50%
polyesterYouth XL (18)
Random Pattern
Blue, Turquoise & Yellow
100% cotton
Adult XL
Stripe Pattern
Fuchsia & Green
1000% cotton
Adult M
Spiral Pattern
Price:  $20
Price:  $20
Fuchsia & Green
100% cotton
Adult M
Spiral Pattern
Price:  $20
Tees for Pets
Doggie Tee!
100% cotton
Size Small

Will fit an average
sized cat (the dog
pictured is wearing
a Medium).
Doggie Muscle Tee!
Fushia & Pink

This little girl is XS

If you'd like a tie-dye
shirt for your pet,
contact me.
Price:  $15