Miscellaneous Crafts
Here's where I just plain show off.  I'm eclectic in what I craft.  I sew, dye, crochet, hand-sew, mosaic, woodcraft, cook, etc.  Sometimes
it's hard to focus on one thing long enough to finish it.  Here is where I get to show off what I do finish.  If I'm selling it I'll say so in the
item description.  Just
contact me.   Enjoy!
The Accessories
Sword Bags!
I'm constantly trying to make my life easier and you get the benefit.  I made these sword
bags to store and transport my sword, cane, or wings without having to worry about dirt or
dings - or prying eyes.  Protect your dance prop and add a bit of mystery to your next
performance.  -
"Hm, what's she got in the bag?"

These bags are lined with cotton and reinforced between the layers to give your sword
(and those around you!) some protection.  The outside layer can be brocade or tapestry
weight material.  I recommend tapestry.  The strap is removable and adjustable so you
can choose which end is up, or secure it to another bag for transport.

A note on brocade:  It's a favorite for it's shine and colors but it wears out quickly.  I'm not
responsible for pilling and pulls (or holes!) from use.  If you prefer to carry your dance
sword point-down in the bag, please request tapestry.

Contact me for current colors & patterns available.
Price:  $60.00 with carry strap (not pictured)
Veil Fan Bags
Caught the veil fan bug but need a convenient way to transport them?  Tuck
them into one of these handy, hand-made accessory bags.  It's also big
enough to hold a hipscarf, veil and zils for a workshop or class, or transport a
bottle of bubbly to your next party.  A nice little carry-all.  Can be made to
match your sword bag.

Price:  $50.00  (picture for example only, bag and veil fans shown are sold)
The Clothes
This is a double layer hanky skirt in a
polyester crinkle gauze with an
elastic waist.  The colors are
turquoise, lavender and lime.  The
elastic can be adjusted to fit any
size.  32" long.

Price:  $35.00