Gallery 7:  Pets & Other Pics
Besides the "new camera" bug everyone gets bitten by these days, I have a bit of the shutterbug in me.  
And I'm proud of my pets (isn't every pet owner?).  Here are my little creatures.  Oh, and some of my
best pics I really need to share.
It's all for the birds!
Please welcome the newest member of
my flock, Picco!  This little 'tiel is an
energetic little creature who has, so far,
proven to be very curious of his new
surroundings.  I'm very happy to have
this loveable cockatiel join my family.
The Pigeons
The Budgies
Pretty Girl & Jink
Other Than Feathers
An overgrown lawn is
good for something!  
This little toad felt right
at home.
This fellow posed for me.
Bee In Flight
This was an exciting shot to
blow up.  The detail this
camera caught is just
Dandelion Starburst
Redwinged Blackbird
This was one of the first shots
I took with my new camera.  I'd
been trying to catch one of
these birds on film for a year.  
Got one!
Fostered a few Praying
Mantis nests in 2006.  
This little bugger is
about an inch long.  
Too cute!
I'm fascinated by
spiders.  This one set up
house next to my front
door.  The morning sun
caught the web just
right.  I couldn't resist the
shot, but it really didn't
do this natural art justice.
A neighbor's roses
after a rain.
I love the look of the
sky.  The dramatic
colors and moods.
The reservoir near where I work attracts geese all
year, but in the fall it's just covered.  These misty
morning shots were irresistible.