Gallery 6:  Customer Pics!
If you bought something from me and are happy with your purchase - show it!  I would
love to see your pic here on this page (and so would everyone else).  Mine's here!

Send your pic to with a description and permission to post
it on my site and I'll get it on this page as soon as I can.  Your description can be as
brief or as long as you like, just let me know how you want your pic ID'd (or not).
Photo by Cassandra Panek 2005
Photo by John W. Pyra 2006
Photo by Cassandra Panek 2006
Devra performing with
a Debbie's
Craftroom       silk veil
Innana with her
favorite silk veil.
Photo by Matt Wright,
Photo by John W. Pyra 2006
Azhia at World Cafe Live Jan 2007 in a costume
commissioned from Debbies Craftroom.
My neice dancing with her
 new tie-dyed veil!
Kaliyah and her silk veil fans
photo by
Sparkle and her white fans.