Gallery 5:  Miscellaneous Crafting
Are you one of those people that's easily bored?  Do you jump from topic to topic looking for that one
thing to immerse yourself in that will consume and satisfy you?  Have you found it yet?
Neither have I.  This page doesn't tell the whole story, but it shows some of it.  If I've posted it here, I
enjoyed the results of my labors.  There will be pics of crafts of all sorts from wood and mosaics to
gardening.  You never know what you'll find here.  Happy viewing!
Play Dough Fantail
Pigeon Sculpture
(about 1 inch high)
Just playing around
That old belt & coins
looked so good as a
necklace that I did a
body drape too.
I needed jewelry
for my dance
costume.  An old
belt & some coins
worked nicely.
The center is a
store-bought pin.
I put the outside row
on and made it a
hair clip.
Here's the back.
It matches one of my
dance costumes.
I made this hipscarf
from scratch.
Needed one that fit
my narrow hips.
I also could not find
enough of those pretty
green pins for
appliques for my
costume.  I had to
make two and added
to one for center back.
Mosaic Plant
This was my first
mosaic project
after a set of
coasters.  I like
to start big.
Mosaic Lockbox
Fits a deck of cards

Hand fitted the lock
My Rhubarb
I'm a brown thumb
so this is an
Desk Art
We decorated at work
and I saw the potential of
this little guy.  Had to do
it.  Makes me smile.
Imagine my surprise
and delight when my
garden smiled in the
spring - literally!
Closet Doors
Got creative with
color on my
laundry doors.
My new silk hat
featuring two Joan
Rivers bug pins.
A crafting basket for my
niece.  She picked the
fabric, I made the pattern
to fit the basket.
This is a catbed,
believe it or not!  
And my brother's cat
actually slept in it.