Gallery 4:  The Clothing
I mentioned I sew.  Here is the gallery that lists articles I have made.  These items are examples of my
work that are either in my collection of class wear or owned by someone else.  If you are looking for
something that is for sale, please see the
Miscellanious page.

I don't wear many, but I love skirts - especially full ones.  Dancing has reminded me of the little girl I
suppressed a while back.  I've been making skirts ever since, at least to dance in.  I also have done
shirts, hip-scarves and harem pants.  Harem pants are like sweat-pants, only baggier.  Very comfortable
to dance in - or sleep in if you're like me.  Take a look.
I dyed and constructed
this skirt to match a
veil I'd done for one of
my classmates.
Red Cotton Gauze
4 tier gypsy skirt for
dance 12+ yrd hem
these are a lot of work!
Green Cotton Broadcloth
4 tier Gypsy Skirt 12+ yrd
hem      again for dance
this was my first one, wew!
Fashion Gypsy
I needed
something for
casual wear
Harem Pants
One of a growing
collection of class and
lounge wear.  Gotta love
these pants!
Simple, basic
I couldn't
resist this
open on one