My name is Debbie and I live in Eastern Pennsylvania with my husband and birds (see my Pets gallery).

I am an eclectic crafter.  That basically means I do a little of everything.  I expect this site to get as cluttered as my
actual craft room eventually (if it isn't already!).  I work with wood, mosaics, fabric, clay, yarns & thread, dye, beads,
jewelry & wire components, and the occasional food stuffs.  Some of the results are posted here, somewhere, on this
site.  Some of these items are for sale.  Most are not (I just need to brag a bit).  My craft du joir these days is dying
silk.  I use procion dyes on 100% silk of varying weights and lengths through tie-dye techniques blended from my own
research of tie-dye and shibori.

I am also a dancer.  I took up belly dance a few years back and discovered it's not just fun, it's fabulous exercise!  The
isolations work muscles that don't get used in our rigid, daily lives and the dance itself is a low-impact workout that can
really generate a sweat.  Best of all, you can never really stop learning with this dance form.  Just when you think you
know all the moves, someone does something different (or just plain better) and you find yourself back in practice
mode again.  And from a crafting standpoint it's just full of possibilities.  The costuming can be as simple as a tight top,
loose pants and triangular scarf with fringe, or as elaborate as a fully jeweled dress with matching accessories and
props.  Needless to say I'm immersed in the crafting side of this art as much as (if not more than) the dancing side.  If
you have an interest in belly dance costuming but not the skill to make or alter it yourself, I may be able to help you get
into or accessorize your costume.

Belly dance got me interested in costuming, which got me interested in dying silk for veils.  Dying silk got me interested
in this web site building thing.  So my web site has become one of my crafts in a way.  
Contact me to let me know if
something looks odd or doesn't link right.  Consider the items I've marked for sale and gain ideas (or a laugh) from the
rest.  Browse and enjoy!